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Creative Soul-Searching
Workshops + Retreats

The journey towards growth and transformation is one that begins with healing trauma but often requires some level of soul-searching to [re]discover how to live a wholehearted life with courage,  compassion, and connection.  

We have developed creative soul-searching workshops and retreats that encompass the therapeutic use of expressive arts, mindful movements, relaxation, and lots of fun!

Our Creative soul-searching workshops and retreats have been created and informed by the work of Brene' Brown and Melody Ross.  Their work centers on resiliency, authenticity and connection.

We hold dearly to the belief that to live a life full of meaning and purpose, we must learn how to cultivate a wholehearted life --embracing our imperfections and being daring enough to speak our truth. 

In our workshops and retreats, we create brave spaces that honor each person's journey to wholeness.  Our creative soul-searching workshops and retreats help to transform grief and trauma into a life of authenticity, freedom, self-acceptance, self-love, and self-compassion.

For children and teens, grieving the death of a loved one is often made difficult for many reasons. They often struggle with feeling safe in their world again for their world has changed without their permission. It can create feelings of anxiety and insecurity. Children also struggle with understanding death due to their cognitive development. Adults often use euphemisms for death that create confusion. Children often act out their grief in ways that are worrisome for the adults in their lives. Children may act out due to feelings of insecurity, abandonment, to invoke punishment, or to protect themselves from future losses as well as to externalize their grief. It's important that we acknowledge that children and adolescents need additional support to help them find ways to stay connected to their loved one and resume their childhood. Our grief therapist specializes in support children and teens.

Don't let your child or teen struggle alone.
We can help them work through this so that they can be a kid again.
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