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Grief and Trauma Therapist

Position Overview: Therapist (LSW, LPC, LCSW, LCPC)  will provide outpatient individual and group therapy to clients of Creating Space Therapy.  Clinical therapy services include the treatment of grief, trauma, anxiety, and depression in adults. We are currently looking for a grief and trauma therapist who is compassionate, conscientious, a lifelong learner, and ready to be a part of a dynamic, fun, and collaborative team. If you want to be part of a work family, apply!


About Creating Space Therapy: We are a small niche practice focusing on grief and trauma and providing EMDR Therapy. We specialize in working with adults who have traumatic grief and complex trauma. We offer traditional talk therapy along with EMDR, EMDR intensives retreats, expressive arts workshops, and bibliotherapy. We started our practice in 2020 and have steadily grown while maintaining a healthy work/life balance and providing high-quality care for our clients.


Our Mission: Our mission is to create a caring space that honors each person's story. We strive to create a space that is supportive and nurturing-- fostering a felt sense of safety. By helping our clients experience true acceptance, they are able to connect with others and themselves in a way that can bring about healing. 


Our Vision: Our vision is to help our clients transform their lives in ways that allow them to feel whole, worthy, and at peace.


Reports to: Kelly Huggins/Practice Owner & Clinical Director



  • Perform hybrid of on-site and virtual clinical counseling services to clients of Creating Space Therapy, as scheduled, and in accordance with company policies and based on client demand.  

  • Regular and reliable attendance and timely arrival to work is required.

  • Be properly licensed and abide by all laws, rules, regulations, and codes of ethics that are binding upon or applicable to the services performed for Creating Space Therapy.

  • Respond to clients’ requests for service or calls within 24 hours whether such requests are made in person, by phone, voicemail, etc. or through the Creating Space Therapy website.  Respond to such requests by meeting, evaluating, and providing services to such clients.  

  • Communicate with a client's treatment team (i.e., PCP, psychiatrist, school, etc.) as necessary.

  • Timely complete written records for each client including, but not limited to: intake notes, progress notes, treatment plans, discharge notes, contact notes, and other forms or documents which may be needed or required from time-to-time by Creating Space Therapy or third parties in conjunction with the treatment of the client within a timely fashion (within 24 hours of session).  Keep client files accurate and up to date.

  • Attend mandatory staff meetings and training as directed by Creating Space Therapy.

  • Conduct and regulate counseling services in a professional manner so as to maintain and increase the good will and reputation of Creating Space Therapy.  Be respectful of and cooperative and collaborative with co-workers.

  • Passion for working with others (being collaborative) and helping our team members grow and learn.

  • Other duties as assigned.


Required Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree or Doctoral Degree in counseling or social work; and

  • Active license (LSW/LPC or LCSW/LCPC) in the State of Illinois.  A copy must be provided to Creating Space Therapy.

  • Available to hold at least 24 client sessions per week, provided such sessions are available 

  • At least one year of experience in a clinical setting post-graduation.


The Ideal Candidate:

  • Eagerly seeks professional learning opportunities so they can deepen their clinical skills;

  • Has strong clinical skills, excellent organizational and oral and written communication skills;

  • Understands the importance of assessing for and working with trauma and attachment issues as they are foundational elements of distress tolerance, emotional regulations, and interpersonal connection;

  • Is interested in connecting and collaborating with a clinical team to assist one’s clinical growth, strengthen and improve clinical care, and deepen self-care within an atmosphere of support;

  • Is interested and has experience facilitating groups, may offer and facilitate various groups throughout the year as well;

  • Is open-minded to and accepting of the uniqueness and different perspectives of people;

  • Has energy, a good sense of humor, is fun, warm, and strives to grow professionally and personally;

  • Has received formalized training in one (1) or more of the following:

    • Trauma treatment approaches such as EMDR, ISSTD trauma training, FLASH

    • IFS, ACT, DBT

    • Somatic Experiencing, sensorimotor psychotherapy

    • Grief counseling, traumatic bereavement, prolonged grief treatment

    • Chronic illness, chronic pain 

Benefits of Employment at Creating Space Therapy PLLC:

  • Employee Status: Clinicians are W2 employee status.

  • Employer-sponsored Marketing: Assistance with authoring marketing profiles to attract referrals.

  • Insurance Credentialing: Clinicians must complete & maintain their CAQH profile but all insurance credentialing is completed on behalf of the clinician by the practice.

  • Competitive Compensation: Pay is a tiered, flat rate per psychotherapy appointment based upon licensure status and the number of completed sessions per week. Clinicians are paid for attending consultations, completing initial evaluations and treatment plans, and blogging.

  • Bi-weekly Payroll with Employee Self-Service Login: Clinicians are paid as they work/complete appointments and the practice handles all billing & insurance reimbursement issues. Employees are also able to log in to our payroll platform to view and print paystubs, make changes to their direct deposit or banking information, tax deductions, and other personal information related to payroll, & obtain an electronic W-4 during tax season.

  • Comprehensive Insurance & Billing Support: Clinicians are not responsible for verifying insurance benefits, submitting claims, or accepting payments from clients. 

  • Make your own work schedule: Clinicians set their own schedules using a hybrid model of in-person and virtual sessions. 

  • Screen clients for your own area of practice/caseload through paid phone consultations (free for clients): Clinicians have complete autonomy regarding their own caseload and scheduling client appointments, with administrative & clinical support available upon request/when needed.

  • Retirement: 401(k) enrollment option for all employees.

  • Paid Late Cancellation & No-Show Client Appointments: Clinicians are paid their appointment flat rate when clients are billed the cancellation fee. Our practice policy does not charge clients for the first late cancellation or no-show, and allows clinicians to waive cancellation fees when appropriate/ per clinician judgment (EX: client emergency or illness).

  • Paid Clinical Consultation with Kelly Huggins, LCSW: Bi-weekly individual and bi-weekly group Clinical Consultation focused on integrating theories about grief, trauma, PTSD, EMDR, attachment and somatic, expressive arts, ACT, and CBT along with case conceptualization and case presentations.

  • HIPAA-compliant EHR, Email & G-Suite Account, & Work Phone Number: Use of Theraplatform for EHR & Telehealth: Clients receive multiple automatic appointment reminders which increase client appointment attendance rates.  

  • Absence of Non-Compete Agreements/Contracts: As the owner of Creating Space Therapy, PLLC, I am philosophically opposed to the use of non-competes in our field. Please note that all documentation is owned by the practice not the clinician. 

  • Opportunities for Clinical & Professional Growth within the practice over time: Lots of room for new ideas/programs/processes to be implemented into the practice in various areas. Have ideas you wanted to pursue or take the lead on? Taking initiative is encouraged and rewarded!

Commitment to expanding employee benefits as the practice grows & maintaining transparency with practice employees.

Additional Full-Time Specific Benefits:

Full-time status is defined as 24 billable hours/client appointments a week (or 48 appointments per two-week pay period), excluding planned time off and/or sick time. Clinicians are categorized as full-time after completing 48 client appointments within a 2-week time frame. If a full-time clinician were to fall below this standard (2 pay periods out of 4); a plan will be developed in collaboration with the practice owner over a period of 2 months to return to full-time hours prior to any status change or disruption of benefits.


  • Paid Time Off: Clinicians can earn up to 72 hours of paid time off annually based on the number of completed sessions. For every 24 billable hours rendered/completed sessions, 1 clinical hour will accrue as paid time off. PTO can be used for sick or vacation time.

  • Annual $500 CEU stipend: We value investing in the success and development of individual clinicians.


Application instructions:

For consideration, please email a cover letter and resume to

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