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Shannon Woods, LSW Grief and Trauma Therapist

Shannon Woods

Licensed Social Worker
Trauma Therapist  for 

Children, Adolescents, and Adults

Do you want to rediscover your strength and joy?

There was a time when life felt simpler, less weighed down by the heavy fog of grief and unresolved trauma. Perhaps it wasn't perfect, but those challenges hadn't yet felt insurmountable. Now, it might seem as though those days are nothing but a faint echo of what was. Do you find yourself wondering if it's possible to navigate through this fog? To find tools that don't just promise temporary relief, but offer a pathway to genuinely move forward?

You are not alone.

I'm glad you are here.

I'm Shannon, and my passion lies in guiding individuals through their unique healing journeys. You possess a remarkable capacity for resilience and healing, holding the key to overcoming the challenges of grief and trauma. Together, we will unlock the doors to your deepest potential, embarking on a path toward the peace and fulfillment you deserve.

Let's walk this path together, embracing the power of healing and the promise of a renewed life filled with purpose and connection.

Counseling and Trauma Therapy with Adults

My approach is centered on empowering you to rediscover your self-worth and find serenity within. By equipping you with essential healing tools, we'll tap into your inner strength, enabling you to face life with confidence and grace. Our journey will lead you to emotional freedom, healthier coping strategies, and the ability to navigate life's hurdles with resilience.

As your therapist, I believe in a personalized treatment plan that honors your unique story. You are the foremost expert on your experiences, and my role is to support and guide you toward self-discovery and healing. It's important to acknowledge that the process of working through trauma and grief can intensify emotions initially. I'm here to provide a safe space during those challenging times, offering the tools and support needed to move through discomfort toward healing.

Building a foundation of self-worth, purpose, and connection is crucial in our work together. Whether it's identifying your strengths, fostering positive relationships, or connecting with nature, we'll find what resonates with you and nurtures your growth. My experience spans a broad spectrum of trauma and loss, having supported individuals through various life-altering experiences. As a trauma-informed clinician, I not only bring professional expertise but also a deep, empathetic understanding of the healing journey.

Grief Counseling and Trauma Therapy at Creating Space Therapy in Batavia, IL

Every step toward healing is a journey back to yourself.
Let's navigate this path together, discovering strength in vulnerability and power in resilience.

Counseling and Trauma Therapy with Children and Adolescents

I recognize the challenges you face as a parent watching your child or teen struggle with mental health issues, like anxiety and depression. Guiding young minds through their unique struggles, my aim is to help children and adolescents unlock their full potential for resilience and self-understanding. I support them in developing the skills to navigate their emotions and challenges, leading to a state where they feel secure, understood, and capable. By fostering a sense of belonging and self-esteem, I empower them to connect with their inner strengths and engage more positively with the world around them.


It's common for adults to overlook the nuances of how children and adolescents experience mental health issues including grief and trauma differently from adults. This gap in understanding can leave many young people feeling anxious, depressed, and isolated, with parents often feeling helpless about how to offer support. Recognizing the uniqueness of your child’s situation, our approach is customized to fit the needs of your child and your family.


Our journey begins by delving into the specific mental health challenges your child faces and assessing their impact. From there, we'll develop personalized strategies and coping mechanisms tailored to offer the most benefit. Through our collaborative efforts, your child will acquire the skills and confidence necessary to adjust, thrive, and reach key developmental milestones.


My commitment is to empower children and adolescents to lead fulfilling lives, even when faced with mental health challenges. My specialized training in child and adolescent mental health equips me with the knowledge and skills needed to address the intricate emotions and situations these young individuals face. Beyond my professional qualifications, my personal experiences as a parent have inspired me to dedicate my career to supporting children and adolescents in finding meaning and strength in their lives.


Thus, in working with me, you’re not just getting a therapist trained in child and adolescent mental health; you’re partnering with someone who deeply understands the journey your family is on.

What Does Counseling and Trauma Therapy Look Like with Me?

Treatment with me is as individual as you are.  This might mean using CBT, Mindfulness-based practices, EMDR, parts work, or any combination of these modalities all while keeping your treatment goals in mind.  

I will assess your presenting concerns and evaluate where you would like to see change or improvement.  We will explore your life circumstances and determine what is contributing to your current state of distress.  Together we will discuss what your goals for treatment are, allowing me to then develop a personalized treatment plan for you.  

Through my experience as a clinician, I have learned that most people have some degree of trauma, regardless of age.  Additionally, many disorders often co-exist alongside trauma.  When you choose to work with me, you can be confident that you are working with someone with extensive knowledge on not only trauma and grief, but also anxiety, depression, body dysmorphia, and gender dysphoria.  

What is EMDR and How Can It Help You?

EMDR is a specialized form of trauma treatment that allows your brain to naturally heal itself.  As a clinician, I will use specific tools to help the hemispheres of the brain communicate with one another to access traumatic, maladaptively stored memories and desensitize them.  We will work to shift the memories into  more positive, adaptive ones thereby decreasing the impact of traumatic triggers.  The benefit of EMDR is not only decreased traumatic triggers but also being able to do so in a shorter period of time than traditional talk therapy.  

People Start to Heal the Moment They Feel Heard

Over the past 6 years, I have had the privilege of working with many individuals who are struggling with overwhelming and complicated feelings and emotions.  Individuals who lack the proper support in their day-to-day lives.  I feel this has truly helped me to better empathize with each of my client’s unique stories.  When you work with me, you can be certain your feelings are valid, and you are not alone.  My top priority is holding space for you and helping you be the best version of yourself.

Shannon Woods, LSW Trauma Therapist at Creating Space Therapy in Batavia, IL

Shannon Woods, LSW

Education & Experience


  • Master in Social Work (MSW)


  • Licensed Social Worker (LSW)

Certifications & Trainings

  • EMDR-trained Therapist

  • Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional

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