Support for COVID at Creating Space Therapy in Batavia, IL

Support during COVID in Batavia, IL

"I'm not sure how much more I can take."

During this pandemic, our generation is experiencing levels of isolation and intense stress that haven't been seen before. Many have not seen their family members, been present for births,  funerals, birthdays, or weddings. Many have lost their jobs or have been forced to choose between health and a paycheck. ​Coping during COVID has taken its toll on our mental health, our relationships, and our quality of life. The reactions during this coronavirus are normal in light of an abnormal and overwhelming situation.

We can help you learn and improve your ability to cope with the on-going and increasingly difficult to manage stressors. 

As compassionate care providers, it is common for nurses and other healthcare providers to experience physical, emotional, and cognitive fatigue and grief. However, these experiences and feelings are oftentimes ignored or overlooked by healthcare workers themselves, their employers, and society.  There is a paradox between the professional training and expectations of healthcare providers and the reality of healthcare. Nurses and other healthcare workers are trained to provide high-quality care which requires a professional level of detachment and professionalism while at the same time healthcare workers are humans providing often times life-saving care to other humans which requires a level of connection and compassion. It's in this very human interaction that the professional caregiver witnesses their patient's pain and vulnerability. And when a patient dies, nurses and other healthcare workers experience some level of grief.  Often times this grief reaction is not sanctioned by the healthcare profession. This grief then goes no without an outlet without support adding to the physical, emotional, and cognitive distress.

COVID-19 has compounded this experience. The increase in patient volume, the intensity of the care,  patient deaths, and the chronic nature of the pandemic layered on top of the social isolation and personal life stress, has created a crisis for nurses and other healthcare workers.

You need someone that understands the demands of your profession and how complicated your experience is. You need someone who can listen and validate your experience while providing you concrete strategies that can help you manage your feelings and experiences so that you can provide high-quality care and regain a work-life balance.

Our approach is to help you better understand your experiences and feelings, to help you identify ways to renew your personal strength and well-being, and develop an improved work-life balance. 

Does it seem like the losses from COVID are piling up and never-ending? The range of losses span from not having a graduation ceremony, or going off to college, not being able to throw a birthday party for your child or have your family attend your wedding. It can be devastating to experience not have a funeral with family. All of these losses are real and when compounded on top of the chaotic world we are living in, it can be too much to bear. 

We can teach you stress management, communication, and coping skills to help you deal with the stressors so that you can not only survive but thrive during this challenging time.

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