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What I want for you-Soul healing.

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

I want you to feel solid in your own thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs. For you to feel

confident in knowing that what you see inside is your truth. I want you to know deep down that

your truth is worthy of others' respect but more importantly, worthy of your own self-respect.

I want you to realize that you are the hero of your story. That you are brave enough to be real. I

want you to be your authentic self, showing up in your own life as exactly as you are. To have

the courage to be real and raw and take up space. To understand in your soul that real strength

comes from vulnerability.

I want you to see your true value as a human. To understand that your experiences, your

losses, and your hurts do not define the whole of who you are. I want you to acknowledge and

celebrate your wins and triumphs. I want you to develop a deep sense of resilience and a

deeper sense of meaning and purpose in your life.

I want you to find yourself. Not the wounded version of you that you were looking for, but a

stronger version. A wiser version. A person who knows that they are enough, just as you are. I want

you to see yourself as a strong individual who has been tried in the fire but instead of being burned by it,

comes out gold. I want you to see yourself strong. Finally, after doubting and questioning

and striving and hustling for your worth for years... finally, finally, have come to the realization that

you were and are and have always been... enough.

I want you to see that you already have your own answers to every question, your own path to

your future, and your own soul shining to guide you along your way. I want you to hear the little

voice in your heart that already know what's true. I want you to know that you already know how

to hear it.

What I want for you is a journey of self-discovery that leads you to a place of unwavering

confidence and self-assurance. I want you to delve deep into the core of your being and find

that solid foundation where your thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs reside. It is within this

realm of self-awareness that you will uncover the power to navigate life with certainty.

In this pursuit, I urge you to recognize the immense value of your own truth. Understand that

what you perceive within yourself holds tremendous significance. You are not only deserving of the

respect of others but, more crucially, of your own self-respect. Embrace the knowledge that your

truth is unique to you, and its authenticity is a source of strength.

Embracing your authentic self is a profound act of courage. I want you to step into your life

unapologetically, free from the shackles of societal expectations or the need to conform. Allow

yourself to be raw and vulnerable, for it is in these moments of unguarded authenticity that you

will discover the true essence of your strength. Let it radiate from within you, inspiring others to

do the same.

Recognizing your true value as a human being is essential. Your experiences, losses, and hurts

do not define your entirety. Instead, they shape you into a person of depth and resilience.

Celebrate your wins and triumphs, for they showcase your inner fortitude. Allow them to serve

as reminders of your capacity to overcome obstacles and to find meaning and purpose in your


Amidst this journey, my hope for you is to rediscover yourself—the version of you that emerges stronger and wiser from the crucible of life's trials. Embrace the knowledge that you are enough, just as you are. No longer seeking validation or worthiness from external sources, for you have realized that your true value lies within.

Remember, throughout this expedition, that you hold the answers to every question within

yourself. You possess the innate wisdom to navigate your own path and shape your future. Trust

in the guiding light of your soul, for it shines brilliantly, illuminating the way forward. Listen

closely to the gentle voice that resonates within your heart, for it already holds the knowledge of

what is true and right for you.

As your therapist, I would be privileged to guide you on your self-discovery and healing journey, offering a safe space for exploration and growth. Through empathy and unwavering support, I will provide the necessary tools and therapeutic interventions, respecting your unique experiences with the utmost confidentiality. Together, in an environment free of judgment, we will unravel your story, allowing you to be truly authentic and vulnerable.

I will accompany you through your journey's complexities, asking insightful questions and encouraging self-reflection to unearth hidden insights and obstructive patterns. I understand healing isn't linear, and I am committed to being a steady presence for you, providing comfort and reassurance through every high and low. With bespoke, soul-healing exercises, we will collaboratively work towards your goals, cultivating self-compassion and empowering change.

Entrust me with your therapeutic journey, and rest assured of my profound commitment to your well-being and growth. You are not alone; I will be there to celebrate your progress and guide you during challenges, together unlocking your full potential. This is more than therapy, it's a journey to self-discovery, alignment with your desires, and an opportunity to truly thrive.

Schedule a free consultation today to get started on your soul-healing journey!



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