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How Spiritual Practices Can Help with Depression & Anxiety

It has long been believed that having spiritual practices are key to getting through some of life’s greatest challenges. A spiritual practice can often give people the strength and confidence to push through obstacles and make positive changes.

But can spiritual practices have a positive effect on depression and anxiety? According to new research, it can.

Your Brain on Spirituality

According to a study published in JAMA Psychiatry, meditation or any other form of regular spiritual practice has been linked to a thickening of the brain cortex. The study, which was the first to investigate whether there is any physical evidence in the brain linked to the protective effects of spiritual practices against depression, looked at 103 adults at either high or low risk of depression, based on family history.

At the end of the study, magnetic resonance was used to view participants’ brains, and the images clearly showed thicker cortices in those participants who placed a higher importance on religion or spirituality than those who did not.

But even more significant was the fact that the thicker cortex was found in exactly the same regions of the brain that had shown thinning in people with a high risk for depression.

3 Ways Spiritual Practices Can Help You Fight Depression and Anxiety

Every individual requires unique treatment methods to combat their symptoms of depression. While traditional talk therapies and anti-depressant medications work well for many people, many others may be helped by embracing a spiritual practice.

If you are suffering from depression, here are three reasons why you may want to focus more on your spiritual practices:

1. Spiritual Practices Offer Hope

A belief in a loving power greater than ourselves or a connection to the natural world can help us feel hopeful, even in our darkest hours. Spirituality turns wishful thinking into great expectations. And when we start to expect goodness in our lives, we naturally feel hopeful for our future.

2. Your Behaviors Evolve

Whether it’s through praying, meditating, connecting with nature, or attending some sort of spiritual service or gathering, people with consistent spiritual practices tend to experience positive changes in their attitudes and behaviors. Where once you may have had a knee-jerk emotional reaction to a situation, you might now be able to center yourself instead and face situations with calmness and clarity.

3. Your Perception Changes

Spiritual practices have a way of helping us see ourselves and our lives differently. Problems turn into opportunities, enemies into friends, and impossibilities into possibilities.

While it may take some time before you feel relief from your depression or anxiety, engaging in spiritual practices may help you to be better able to cope with the symptoms.

If you or a loved one are suffering from depression or anxiety and would also like to explore treatment options, please reach out. Our staff of trained therapists would be happy to discuss how to get started.


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