Day 8: Thankful for Creature Comforts

On Day 8 of the 30-Day Thankful Challenge, we invite you to explore your gratitude for creature comforts.

Imagine life without heat to warm our homes in the frigid cold of winter. Imagine suffering through 90-degree summer days without an A/C unit to keep us comfortable and ensure a good night's sleep.

What if your home didn't have electricity or an internet connection? How far would you have to travel to get plugged in and connected to the rest of the world? Too often we take for granted the basics that enhance our lives in ways that seem small but are actually quite significant.

To think, in some parts of the world, a hot shower or warm bath just isn't an easy option when you're sick, or tired and achy after a hard day's work. To think, in some places, a flushing toilet and sewer pipes that carry away our bodily waste, are something that only the privileged get to have.

What would your day be like if you didn't have a car to drive to the store?

What if there were no store?