Day 8 Journal Exercise: Show Gratitude for Creature Comforts

I invite you for just one day, try going with the very bare minimum of comforts and conveniences if you can. Write down your experience.

If the weather is chilly where you are, try lowering the heat down to 56 degrees in your home for a day. (This temperature is just cold enough to be impactful, but it won't freeze your pipes which could lead to unnecessary complications in your life not worth such a personal experiment.)

Instead of waking up to take a hot shower, try a cold one this morning.

If you can travel someplace without using your car to get there, do it. Write down what happened. The walk might be a fun adventure, sure. But how much of your time was taken up because you didn't have a vehicle to get you someplace that you needed to be?

Today, give thanks for those comforts and amenities that make up such a large part of our daily lives.