Day 7: Thankful for the Honesty of Children

Do you have children? Even if you don't, you've got to appreciate the frankness of what comes out of a child's mouth.

On Day 7 of the "30-Day Thankful" Challenge, you're invited to acknowledge the honesty of children. Why are children honest, while adults tend to be less so?

One main reason is that an adult's mind is typically filled with messages dictating what they should and should not say. For example, if you asked an adult friend what he or she thought of the outfit you were wearing today, they might flash back to memories of their mom saying it isn't right to hurt someone's feelings. So your grown friend might tell you that you look great when really, you might not.

A child is much more likely to just tell it like it is. And we're much less likely to be offended if we hear the truth coming from a child's mouth. Because we know kids aren't trying to be hurtful. They're just real. This type of honesty is refreshing. Why wouldn't we want to know the real opinion of someone who is important to us?

Have you ever noticed that kids have a way of getting down to the heart of the issue? Adults, on the other hand, tend to convolute the facts. Why is this? Adults often have an agenda behind what they're saying. Kids typically don't.

Adults often take great pains to avoid vulnerability. Have you noticed that if a kid wants a hug, they'll ask for one? Or, they'll just HUG you!

We could all stand to be more honest in the way that kids are!