Day 7 Journal Exercise: Embracing Child-Like Honesty

Today, you're invited to practice being honest and authentic in the way that kids often are.

How can we, as grown adults, manage to convey ourselves honestly, and share the honest truth about what we see and think, without coming across as rude or immature? Ironically, perhaps we can practice being more like children.

Children don't hold onto wrongs. They say what they mean, and move on quickly. Perhaps we can learn how to increase our happiness by modeling our behavior after our children's.

Children are not generally out to hurt each other. We can be like kids in that if we accidentally offend someone with our truthfulness, we can apologize. "I didn't mean to hurt you" goes a long way in expressing our truth.

Children are open to other people's ideas. They listen with their ears, minds, and hearts open and receptive to new concepts. Their minds are not yet wired for judgment!

Opening our minds to what others have to say might help us become more authentic in who we are and what we believe.

If you have children or grandchildren, try to remember and write down five instances where a child you know made an impression on you with his or her honesty. It could be something funny, something profound, or whatever.

Write it down, and give it some thought today.