Day 6: Thankful for the Change of Seasons

On Day 6 of our 30-Day Thankful Challenge, you are invited to give thanks for the change of seasons.

Some people say they don't like it when the seasons change. Summer surrendering to fall can bring melancholy feelings, for those who resist change, and want the long, sunny days and mild, starry nights, to go on and on.

And there's the shift into winter, a time when living things go dormant, plants die, animals hibernate and the world goes quiet for its dark and wintry sleep. Winter is the worst change of seasons for many people who dread the cold!

But winter gives way to the amazing and miraculous burst of life that is spring, and the world waking up as life renews itself.

At this time of year, can we find it in ourselves to embrace the transformation? The brisk feeling in the air. The beautiful colors of falling leaves - gold, orange, crimson. The year drawing to a close, and the bountiful harvest.

Seasons can mean different things depending on where you live. In some parts of the world, there's a dry season and a rainy season. Or, winter prevails for most of the year, while summer is just a brief flirtation.

Some tropical places have a long stretch of amazing, warm tropical weather followed by a period of frequent storms and turbulence.