Day 6 Journal Exercise: Give Thanks for the Change of Seasons

No matter where you live, changing seasons is inevitable.

What are your feelings about the change in seasons?

Do you hunger for light and warmth, and hunker down in misery to tough out turbulent times?

Have you ever thought that the change of seasons brings balance to the climate, allowing the cycle of life to continue?

Do you feel a special appreciation for a certain season? Which is your favorite? Why?

Do you think you'd appreciate it less if you didn't have the opposite season to expect for part of the time? How so?

Spend some time exploring the beauty of nature that's present in all seasons where you are.

Take a sensory exploration of the world around you during different seasons.

What do you see, hear, feel, and smell?

Give thanks for the beauty of the changing seasons, for they sustain life here on earth.