Day 4: Thankful for Challenges that Help Us Grow

Thanks for joining us on Day 4 of the 30 Days Thankful Challenge. Today we'll give some thought to how challenges help us grow.

When you hear the word "challenge," what comes to mind? This is a broad term that applies to pretty much any endeavor and aspect of life. Every day, we're challenged in our careers, our relationships, our family life, and our ongoing struggle to exist and thrive on this planet.

You could find yourself challenged mentally, as you invest extra hours of your day to further your education by taking a class or course.

You might be feeling challenged emotionally if you're faced with a rough patch in a close relationship such as a marriage or long-term commitment.

Challenges can come in the form of an unexpected change, like the loss of a job, or a sudden health concern that needs management by a health professional.

When you hear the word challenge, does it fill you with dread? Fear? Or are you someone who sees challenges as an opportunity to do some soul-searching and growing?

Why should we be thankful for the challenges we face in life? Well, for one, they teach us a lesson. You might feel challenged by a setback that you had, like a financial hardship. But despite the turmoil faced at the time of your struggle, you came out on the other side stronger and wiser.

When we manage to overcome challenges, problems that once seemed insurmountable are suddenly put into a new perspective. If the same thing happens again, you'll know how to handle things and what to do.

Once you truly overcome a challenge in your life, you aren't likely to make the same mistakes as you did before. And you can share your newfound wisdom with someone who is in the place where you once were.