Day 3 Journal Exercise: Give thanks for the caring spirit of others.

Today, think of five different episodes in your life this week where people showed that they care. What did they do or say that indicated their kindness or generosity?

If you can't seem to jog a memory of this, go back in your mind to the past week's activities.

Did you go to a store? What happened while you were there?

If you have children, did you have an opportunity to speak to your child's teacher this week? What did he or she say or do that indicated that this person cares about your child and his or her future education?

Did you speak with someone on the phone who had to help you solve a problem? What did they do or say that went above and beyond, to communicate their human decency and wish to help?

What about coworkers? Who at your work showed you that they care this week? What did they do or say to let you know that they're on your team?

What about the news headlines? Was there a glimmer of kindness in the face of adversity? Did you read about people helping people? The goodness of humans is truly an extraordinary thing.

Come up with a total of 8 examples of good people doing good for others.

Did this exercise help you give thanks for the kindness of humans?