Day 2: Finding Joy in Simplicity

These days, everywhere we go it seems we're plugged in, turned on, and firing on all 8 cylinders, all the time. But this is a recipe for burnout; perhaps we know it in our hearts. Never before in history has a craving for simple pleasures been so intense, or so important.

Do you find that simplicity manages to escape you, even when you swear you're going to indulge your senses in a grounding activity?

Do cherished pastimes such as crafting, getting out in nature, or spending time talking face-to-face with those who mean most to you, end up taking a backseat to the Call of the Computer, and your frantic life?

Maybe you decide you're going to do a hands-on project. So you log onto the internet in search of instructions. Instead of reveling in the task at hand, you find yourself hopping from one link to the next, and before you know it you're overwhelmed and distracted.

How do we manage to pry ourselves away from the electronics, so we can once again indulge in the simple tasks that offer us relaxation and enjoyment while helping us focus?

One way to keep it simple in our everyday dealings is to lower the bar of our own expectations.

No, you're probably not going to be the next Martha Stewart or Pinterest Mom of the Year. Or, are you?

If you do tend to be an overachiever, maybe "keeping it simple" really has to do with just allowing yourself some time to think and ponder.

For some people, simplicity might be about calming that urge to out-perform yourself, or be and do everything for everyone.

Look for today's journal exercise, where we'll practice giving thanks for simple pleasures.