Day 11: Thankful for Nature

On Day 11 of the 30-Day Thankful Challenge, we'll focus on our gratitude for nature.

Nature, what a beautiful, amazing, and miraculous thing. Life as it exists on our planet; The perfect conditions for plants to grow, for insects and reptiles and mammals to thrive in their own, perfectly balanced, miniature worlds within our world.

Nature inspires humans to brave the elements, and risk our safety by immersing ourselves in the midst of nature - climbing to the top of that jagged mountain, facing the roaring river rapids with nothing but a raft and lifejacket to protect us.

In nature, many feel the most alive and connected to the world around us! Nature inspires us to create amazing works of art, and make our homes in unexpected and sometimes unusual places, just so that we can be surrounded by its beauty.

When was the last time you stepped into the great outdoors to soak up some healing sunshine, plant your bare feet upon the soft grass, and be kissed by gentle breezes?

Today, take time to appreciate nature. Immerse yourself in the peacefulness of a clear sky - a never-ending expanse of possibilities, a symbol of happiness and hope that goes on forever.

If it's rainy and gray, grab your rain gear and step outside anyway. Observe the world as it takes a long and needed, quenching drink. What would we do without the precious rain to bring life to our planet?

Don’t let cold and snow keep you cooped up indoors. You'll soon have a change of heart, and a lift of your spirit, once you crunch your footsteps into the frost-covered ground.


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