Day 11 Journal Exercise: Celebrate and give thanks for nature.

Even if you think you're not an "outdoorsy" kind of person, being out in the fresh air and sunshine benefits everyone.

In fact, it's necessary for our optimal health to take in natural light and fresh air that's been oxygenated by plants.

In today's journal exercise, think of at least three enjoyable moments you've had in nature. They don't have to be recent times.

Also, consider the awe of earth's formations in the natural world. We have so much natural beauty to appreciate on our planet. From a simple mountain lake to an awe-inspiring natural wonder like the Grand Canyon, nature's displays take our breath away.

What is your favorite natural landmark, and what do you love about it?


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Nature, what a beautiful, amazing, and miraculous thing. In nature, many feel the most alive and connected to the world around us!