Day 10: Thankful for Simple Acts of Kindness

Today let's give thanks for simple acts of kindness.

It doesn't take much effort at all - just a small gesture - to make or break another person's moment, or even their entire day. Think about the people you encounter in your daily travels. Do you smile at them? Do they smile at you? If someone seems to be struggling, do you stop to help?

Sometimes we forget to offer other people simple acts of kindness. We grow distracted by whoever's competing for our attention via text or email. We rush to squeeze in one more task or activity - and we become stressed, cranky, and unwilling to give even a moment more of our precious, fleeting time.

What's the secret to having more time, and patience, to offer those small acts of kindness that mean so much?

Perhaps the key is to say NO to things we just can't feasibly get to. No, we can't double-book plans in a single Saturday. Sorry, but we won't be able to bake for the rummage sale because we're already committed to a soccer game that day.

Saying no to plans in the future might leave us some room to respond in the present, with kindness to those small, unexpected situations that crop up.

Sometimes we get distracted by social media and miss the elderly man in line in front of us who dropped his pen while writing a check. But maybe we can be more present in the moment so that we can make a senior feel special and cared about, even for a minute, on his one day out this week instead.

Will your gestures be kind today? How can you show others small acts of caring?