Day 1 Journal Prompt: Giving Thanks for ME!

What do you like about yourself? Take a few moments to write down what you consider to be your best traits. As a warmup, you can start with more surface characteristics. Maybe you're proud of your thick mane of hair, your strong legs, or your big brown eyes.

After exploring pleasing physical traits, take it a step further. If someone were to describe your strengths, what would they say? Are you clever? Witty? A problem solver? Someone who never quits?

Go on, feel free to expound on what you're good at and how you can use your gifts to help others.

It's not silly to know yourself, love yourself, and give thanks for all the things that make you special and different. In fact, if we take an exploratory approach of recognizing our best qualities, we can often set ourselves on a better path.

Figuring out what you're good at can lead to a more fulfilling job or career.

Discovering what brings you joy can lead to a deeper exploration and development of your talents.

Knowing the ways we shine can open the door to other like-minded and kindred spirits into our lives.

Determining how we can use our strengths to help others can put us on a path of service to others that fulfill us while making a difference.

Feeling good about the person we are can bring a burst of newfound confidence. This is not bragging. This is about quiet acceptance of ourselves, so that we may more readily give to others.

What can you give thanks for about you?