Couples Counseling in Batavia, IL

Couples Counseling in Batavia, IL

Are you worried that your relationship is beyond repair?

Maybe communication between your partner has broken down or perhaps there is a lack of trust. You may feel that intimacy no longer exists.  Perhaps you’re feeling ambivalent about whether your relationship is worth fighting for. 

Often times I hear that couples have lost time for one another in their busy lives, the trust is gone, they feel betrayed, their sexual lives and desire have diminished, or they fight and argue about the same things and never find a resolution. Some couples have a strong, solid connection, but are in a state of crisis, going through a difficult period. 

Whatever is bringing you to couples therapy, you’re beginning to notice its impact:


  • You are not sure you are on the same page in terms of where the relationship is and where it is going

  • You are having more and more fights

  • Your sexual relationship and romance has diminished and/or changed

  • You are having some trust issues

  • You want to go to the next step but are not sure you envision the same life or life goals

  • You are having the same arguments and they are getting more and more escalated

  • You are having trouble with each other’s past history or family of origin

Couples Counseling can help.

It may feel impossible now, but you can get your relationship back on track. You can have a supportive, collaborative, and healthy relationship, where you feel loved, heard, and respected. And we can help you get there.

Couples therapy is often very successful in:

  • Facilitating open and honest communication

  • Developing mutual empathy, thereby bringing a couple closer, creating deeper connection.

  • Identify the root of the problem(s) in your relationship

  • Understand how you and your partner relate to one another

  • Learn the tools that will help you and your partner move forward in love and acceptance together

We’ll help you through this process, tailoring each step to your unique relationship. Our approach to couples counseling comes from a place of hope: believing that neither you nor your partner is "the problem” but it’s simply the cycle you’re in that needs to be understood and changed. 

It’s time to repair your relationship.
We can help you get there.

What we expect of you:

We expect a serious commitment from you in our work together. We expect you to be open to learning, growing, and receiving feedback that will relate directly to your role in the relationship. We expect you to try not to be defensive, to communicate when you are, and to commit to altering the behaviors that are damaging to the relationship. When these conditions are met, we have an excellent chance that the relationship will wind up in a stronger place than it’s ever been in before.


Q. What are Couples Counseling sessions like?

A. Beginning in our consultation call, we take the time to learn about your relationship and how your relationship concerns are impacting the relationship, and how you'd like things to change. We will then work together by creating a warm, caring, and non-judgmental space for you and your partner to develop greater insight into your thoughts, feelings, and patterns of interacting. Then we'll help you gain clarity in what it is that you want in your relationship and how you can change your actions so that can experience a rich and meaningful relationship. 

Q. What if my partner doesn’t what to come to counseling?

A. You are welcome to come to therapy on your own to work on your relationship. Research shows that even if one person is willing to make changes, the relationship dynamic can change too.


Q. What approaches do you use?

A. While no therapist or treatment approach can guarantee results, we have helped many couples improve their relationships by using multiple evidence-based orientations including the Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and psychodynamic approaches. By having an understanding of several therapeutic orientations we are able to focus on what your relationship needs rather than simply using a one-size-fits- all approach.


Q. How long will we need to be in therapy?

A: Couples therapy may take 12-16 sessions or longer, depending on the type of concerns. Sessions are typically held weekly for 55-minutes. A few ways that we are able to help you is by:​

  • Using proven, evidence-based couples therapy approaches to address your unique concerns

  • Administering questionnaires to measure progress over time

  • Checking in with you and your partner on a regular basis to ensure that both feel your needs are being met and that you are experiencing improvements in your relationship.

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